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Corporate & Office

Your office space can be transformed into a space of brilliant LED. Whether it be display use in conference rooms, a LED lobby experience that creates immersive moments, or even a multi-use boardroom that engages and delights. LED in Corporate America is a trend that is here to stay. 

LED Use in Corporate America is Both A Surprise & A Delight

Create stunning landscapes amongst otherwise extremely professional and often boring spaces. Drive creativity and create emotion amongst employees and visitors alike/ 

HR Memos

Communicating throughout the workplace with LED signage to support messaging from Human Resources or Corporate Leadership can lead to a fully connected workforce and simplify communication by streamlining it's availability. 


Touchless interactive LED walls are a growing trend in corporate America. By bringing entertainment value to the professional landscape LED can provide a captivating juxtaposition in the corporate landscape. This can be applied in common spaces, or even in conference rooms for more fully interactive presentations.


Video content, or even things like trivia, corporate there, or multi-point gamification can provide a reprieve for employees in the corporate settingLLED makes all of these content types showcased in pixel perfect clarity possible.


Brands and their sponsors can also advertise in common spaces thus creating a revenue generating opportunity. Showcasing new products or services for all who enter their buildings on LED displays can be an added value for many teams. 

From Entrance to Exit LED Plays A Role


Surprise & Delight

With In-Office LED


Corporate Board Rooms

Sick of the tired and dreary boardroom? Bring it to life with K-Wav LED. Create a display or series of displays that make content and presentations feel premium, exciting, and interactive. 


Bringing to Life Outdoor LED

Our outdoor LED products allow corporations and small businesses alike to create and maintain outdoor shared spaces. Communication can be streamlined to employees on break, getting a breath of fresh air, or before they even enter the building each day. 


Premium Communication

Conferencing technology is here to stay with so many remote employees. Bring to life the corporate huddle space or small conference room with an LED display that is vivd, long-lasting, and of utmost clarity. We have several LED options that are perfect for these spaces and support a variety of content types. 


Lobbies to Remember

Nothing is more powerful than the corporate lobby. It has the power to attract, and retain clients and employees simplly by walking through the doors. Your lobby says a lot about you as an organization and there's no better way to make a first impression than with a stunning LED wall. 

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