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Image by Casey Horner

Brightness Degradation

Have you ever seen an LED screen that looked like an old patchwork quilt? Over time the LED diode degrades and looses brightness, in fact this is the fundamental measure of the life of an LED video screen. This degradation can be uneven and leave the screen looking like the colors are unbalanced across the surface of the LED.  Part of routine maintenance should include calibration at regular intervals to keep your LED running at its peak capability. At what interval depends on the specific application but every screen needs a plan tailored to it's specific duty.  


Contact us for a quote for calibration service or for a more comprehensive service ask us about a managed service agreement that includes a complete annual servicing of your client's LED investment. 


Color Accuracy

When in comes to color reproduction, accuracy maters, particularly with brand standards that many companies employ with very specific colors that can be quantified.  We know how to not only quantify those colors by using advanced equipment such as a colorimeter but also how to adjust the colorspace of the LED screen to yield true reproductions of color by measuring the red, green and blue wave lengths of the batch of diodes specific to your LED screen and adjusting the determinate to ensure that your whites are indeed white. 


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