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Higher Education

Campuses across the country are clamoring to install LED in classrooms, small group huddle spaces, and in concourse & atriums to expand school pride, communicate with students, and provide interactive learning experiences. 

Engage the 21st Century Student with Immersive LED

The diverse uses for LED in retail environments are part of their appeal in the space. Here are just a few uses:

Welcome Centers

Create inviting spaces that cater to prospective student attraction and student retention. LED offers the ability to create "wow" moments for anyone that enters your space with large atrium LED walls, or experience based welcome centers. Not to mention the ability to show news, or create a stock ticker in both the welcome center or other shared public spaces such as cafeterias and study centers. 


Whether you have a small classroom that is looking for a bright, easy to view LED display upgrade, or a large lecture hall that simply needs the brightness that LED can provide so that those students with less than ideal viewing angles are able to see all of the information provided, Classroom LED can provide a noticeable upgrade to the space. 


From scoreboards, to concourse branded activations and live streams of the on-court action LED provides a perfect seamless experience for fans and students. The ability to sell sponsorship throughout the concourse, or even on outdoor LED projects external from the stadium or arena, schools are able to provide revenue generating opportunities through the use of LED.


eSports gaming centers are some of the fastest growing spaces on college and high school campuses across the country. Powering global connectivity and the visualization of tournaments, conference championships, and pro eSports events are at the heart of how LED can be used.

LED is Powering Classrooms & Concourses

ed wall.webp
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Institutional LED 

Students & Colleges Visualizing What's Important


Increase Collaboration & Connectivity

LED provides opportunities for collaboration in classrooms,  and ease of sharing that information across the building or even campus. It can create a sense of unity and community amongst vstudents, administrators, and other faculty


Easy Content Delivery

Having LED allows for multiple pieces of content and content ideas to be distributed across campus in a variety of types of buildings both inside and out. True hybrid communication and reaching the greater campus community becomes possible with LED


Creating Experiences

LED allows for what might be otherwise mundane content to come to life in a vivid and often experiential way. Concourses, athletics facilities, and historical timelines can become beautiful digitized landscapes for the campus community.


Powering Attraction and Retention

Attracting and retaining the quality of student that an institution of higher learning expects is crucial to long term financial success. Students and perspective students expect cutting edge technology like LED displays in key public facing spaces.

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