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Installation Support


Experience Counts

When it comes to installing LED, experience makes the difference between making money and making a mess. Let's face it, your average LED installation has a higher level of complexity than most standard AV integration projects and it requires a very specialized knowledge base and skill set. The trouble many dealers face is that they simply don't see the cycles necessary to invest in and maintain the perishable skills needed to successfully navigate an installation. Let us help you put your best foot forward by providing professional installation services from our knowledgeable and skilled staff.


Installation Training

While we are happy to provide installation service to assist dealers with their projects, we are committed to expanding the LED capabilities of all integrators and installers AV industry. Whether it's our standard training course, a customized course tailored to you company needs or one the expert videos we are offering on a wide range of topics, our goal is to increase LED installations by increasing industry knowledge across the board.

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