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Architect hold plans
Image by Markus Spiske
Business Meeting
Onsite installation of LED by K-WAV
Using a Touch Phone

Conceptual Design

All projects go through a multi-phase process as they go from concept to completion. K-WAV has the expertise and experience to assist your project needs at any phase. We are ready and able to provide the specific guidance that you need to deliver your project across the finish line. Let us assist you at any point or across the entire value chain.

In the early stages of a project, ideas are less detailed, more fluid and are changing as new information and parameters are added and discovered. As concepts are created, discussed and debated we can assist not only from a technical standpoint with accurate product requirements but also from a design aesthetics point of view as we take into consideration all aspects of the design and the experience your end client is looking for. 

During this stage, we can assist with design iterations and ideas as well as providing key technical requirements such as power density per square foot, weight per square foot, and rough order of magnitude pricing.   K-Wav can guide you to the best product for your design early on.  We want to enable your design teams with the right tools to amplify their design and produce better outcomes.


Product Engineering Specifications

While we are happy to provide installation service to assist dealers with their projects, we are committed to expanding the LED capabilities of all integrators and installers AV industry. Whether it's our standard training course, a customized course tailored to you company needs or one the expert videos we are offering on a wide range of topics, our goal is to increase LED installations by increasing industry knowledge across the board.

Bid Specifications

When it comes to managing the requirements for a bid, we have the knowledge and experience to provide practical guidance regarding contractor experience requirements, site needs, realistic timelines, or how the LED will interface with the control or content systems. We can assist in writing a bid specification that will delivery the product and performance the client needs on the timeline to make the project a success.

Project Management

Once all the specifics are finalized, we can also provide management of the process as the project proceeds to bid process or the build process guiding the project to set it up for a successful installation. We've seen this process, participated in it from multiple different perspectives and can offer tremendous support and advice do deal with the changes, challenges and issues as the procurement, production, logistics and preparation culminate in the installation and commissioning of your LED video system. 

Installation and Commissioning

From project management to on-site supervision, procurement to installation service, K-WAV is ready to bring our decades of experience to your project to ensure a successful outcome. How do we know how to provide the installation service needed to make your LED video project successful?  Simple, we have been executing successful installations for years and we not only know all the moving parts but how to management to a successful client outcome.

Ongoing Services and Support

Here is an area that too often goes without consideration. You have just installed your brand new LED video screen or screens and everyone loves them, of course. But how are you planning on keeping them running at peak performance? Do you have a maintenance plan or better yet a preventative maintenance plan? Are the technicians that are coming on site qualified to provide the service you need? Do you have a time critical application? If so, do you have a plan with a response time level of service included? You need a solid plan, with capable resources behind it to execute that plan to the level you and your clients need to keep everyone in love with your LED video screen. We can help you define and execute that plan and we aim to start at the specification stage, not once your LED video wall has reached critical levels of disrepair. We have the foresight, tools and talent to assist you.

Design Consulting

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