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Customers are looking for brand experiences in-store, and you need to take your retail environment to the next level in order to attract and retain them. Let us help you create unforgetable moments of connection with the brands they love. 

Why Retail?

The diverse uses for LED in retail environments are part of their appeal in the space. Here are just a few uses:

Storefront LED

Storefront LED can serve as digital signage conveying pricing, product messaging, or even promotions to help draw customers into your environment. Storefront LED can also be used to display product imagery, or brand identity messaging. 

In-Store Displays & POP

Differentiating brands and products within the retail environment at the shelf and floor level is changing th way brand engage with customers throughout the buying cycle. Whether it's a POP display infused with LED, or a a full wall LED product showcase space, LED displays can vividly grab the attention of customers and prospects alike. 

Advertising & Experiential

If you're looking for way to create additional revenue in your store through branded advertising, LED can be a great way to do this because of the diversity and flexibility of what can be shown with both iindoor and outdoor LED products. In addition to generating advertising revenue LED provides the opportunity to create both in-store experiences, and outside experiential environments. 


A growing use case in retail for both interior LED and exterior LED displays is wayfinding. Wayfinding uses variations of symbols, words, and colors, to help retail customers navigate a space. It's perfect for large malls, multi-brand store, or even multi restaurant spaces such as higher education food courts.

Growth Powered by Retail LED

The Benefits

Functionality You Will Love. And So Will your Bottom-Line


Increase Brand Recognition

The bright eye-catching nature of LED displays immediately captures the attention of the passerby, or the interior shopper. It can create a lasting impression simply by showcasing brand names, logos, or key marketing messages. The vibrancy can leave a memorable imprint on the shopper through captivating content & fostering brand visibility. 


Increase Purchase Volume

LED signage can elevate cart-value and increase purchase quantity volumes through product promotions, exclusive offers, showcasing add-on products, and even in some cases allowing shoppers to check out. Engaging content can also stimulate additional impulse buying or allow correlating & complementary products to be shown. 


Support Product Launch

Displaying new pricing, product details, or imagery pertaining to new products and offerings is much more easily displayed through LED in comparison to non-digital ways of communication. LED has been shown to increase recall rate, and increase the likelihood a customer purchases a product. 


Generate Add-On Revenue

The ability to use LED to show advertising from retail brands or collaborations with other complementary brands is limitless. LED can maximize recall at key points of the shopping experience where the likelihood of a follow-through purchase is elevated. 

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