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Public Use & Government

From command and control centers to transportation hubs, the use of LED is everywhere in the public sector. Governmental projects can also create a use for LED in spaces such as National Defense, National Parks, or even local governmental centers. 

Helping Your Government & Public Institutions Create Eye Catching Displays Across America

From streamlined messaging, to essential command and control centers under the highest level of scrutiny, our LED has your Project Covered

Command & Control

Command and control centers are some of the most important governmental spaces in our country. Whether these be military centers, or police HQ's or even 911 centers, utilizing LED to insure the vibrancy of colors, the reliability of the content displayed, and the size of the displays can make these spaces function nearly perfectly.

Trans Centers

These might be transportation hubs such as railway depots, airports, or even large bus centers. The use of LED in lobbies, or even in exterior spaces provides ample space for scheduling updates, way-finding. and advertising

Aerospace & National Defense

There's nothing that requires higher levels of security than our national defense or Aerospace centers. These buildings require not only the use of LED, but high levels of security software and compatibility. Our LED products and the ability to understand the project at hand at a deep level to provide recommendations to your integrator make us the perfect partner for these types of projects. 

Contractor & Direct

We know that governmental projects, or those that require us to work with municipalities require a high level of collaboration. We will navigate the multitude of relationships that often exist with these projects to help you reach your desired project outcome efficiently and on-budget

Public & Governmental LED


Secure & Beautiful

We have an LED Product no Matter your Need



We know that governmental buildings, whether they be libraries, FBI facilities, transportation hubs, or state government spaces require high levels of security. That shouldn't stop with their LED displays or the content shown on them. 


Space Filling

The flexibility of LED when it comes to sizing is a key benefit for these spaces. Whether you need an entire digital map of the world shown on an entire wall, or you're building out an emergency dispatch center and need to showcase the calls officers are out on to other dispatchers, our LED offers the perfect sizing.


Easy to Install

Our ease of installation means you don't only get the project done correctly the first time, but you also get the project done quickly. Governmental projects often have tight deadlines. We understand this in the way we've designed our products. 



Truly we produce multi-functional LED. K-Wav LED is used in a variety of ways. From airport advertising, to the governor's emergency operations center, our products meet the needs of diverse projects. 

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