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Branded Experiences

LED can create memorable branded experiences for consumers of all ages. From temporary gamification to permanent brand experience centers, L:ED will play a vital roll in creating brand recall and emotional attachment that fuels buying behavior. 

LED Use In Branded Experience Centers has Increased Over 18% 

The last year has seen an increase in LED use by brands that rivals any growth period in the industry. Creating a "splash" moment for consumer brands has never been more important to facilitating sell-through. 

Flagship Stores

LED technology has become an integral part of flagship brand experience centers and stores. LED can enhance the visual appeal of a space by using displays to create vibrant and energy efficient visuals that are "on-brand" and synched with the brqnd ethos of the space. Immersive LED experiences create customer recall and build brand value. 

Lobby Experiences

Lobby experiences like the one at First Internet Bank create memorable branded experiences from the moment of entry. Customers can be emmersed in stunning LED that creates moments of brand recall at later times when the service of the bank may be needed. The professional and premium look and feel that LED creates is unlike anything else available in this space. 

Product Showcases

When brands create project spaces to showcase their products LED offers the perfect solution to visually delight and showcase intricate product details. Not to mention the ability to highlight product features in short form content, or a cronological piece on the development timeline or materials of the product. 

Immersive HQs

A growing trend in the corporate space is to create headquarters that are fully immersive brand experience centers where each room, lobby, or office is a full brand experience with LED walls, and offers a deep dive into products or services. that the brands may offer. 

Create Recall & Lasting Impression

Brand Experience Centers

Are Changing the Way People Buy...


Premium Asthetics

Creating an "on-brand" immersive space where customers can not only engage with your brand but can also purchase is the future of corporate brand identity and retail experiences. These permanent brand themed entertainment spaces are shifting how customers consume brand and purchase products. 


Bright. Vibrant. Branding.

The ability to showcase a brand in exactly the light that brand managers mean for it to be is made possible by LED in brand experience centers. This also creates the ability for brands to sell products through interactive LED displays in a space where brand imagery is hyper visual. 


Complete Storytelling

The content options are endless, as brands and their agencies alike are able to develop compelling content that shines through in vibrant LED display. No stone of the brand story is left unturned in these spaces and LEDE leads the way in being the preferred platform for content sharing. 


Increases Recall

Being immersed in a highly branded space has proven to be psychologically powerful when it comes to brand recall and sell through. Our stunning LED leaves customers talking about your brands and products long after they've left the space. 

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