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Stadiums & Arenas

LED plays a critical roll in sports venues such as arenas and stadiums. From concession wayfinding, to atrium brand experiences and even scoreboards and concourse displays. LED in sports is here to stay and the indoor and outdoor functionality of LED makes it the perfect product for nearly every venue. 

Creating Immersive Fan Experiences with LED

The appeal of LED due to it's multitude of use cases in the sporting world is undeniable. Learn more about LED in sports and how it is likely perfect for your project.


Concourse LED is one of the most common use cases in sporting venues. Whether is be an interior concourse activation where a brand is advertising, or an exterior LED display outside of a stadium. We have products that not only better the customer experience, but also will last in a multitude of conditions. 

Exterior Signage

When it comes to creating LED that is both tough enough to withstand the elements and provide bright, crystal clear, imagery, our exterior signage products are perfect for sports and entertainment venues that need signage of all sizes. Communicate with fans and attendees in a streamlined manner all across the arena or stadium. 


Wayfinding is crucial in order to get fans to their correct sections & seats within your stadium or arena. Technology today even affords the fan the opportunity to view wait times for concessions or merchandise lines, thus offering the shortest lapse in their in-game viewing experience. LED provides a perfect gateway for these types of solutions. 


Lastly LED provides excellent viewing angles for scoreboards or pagoda style viewing. The vivid brightness of LED can provide a solution that meets fan expectations in cloudy or sunny environments. 

Change the Way Fans Experience Gameday

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Sporting Venue LED 

Experience the Benefits. 


Increase Advertising Opportunities

Brands, teams, leagues, and gameday advertisers are able to showcase their messaging to fans and spectators across the gamely environment. Arena ownership groups are able to recoup some of the costs from LED installations through advertising revenue throughout the venue. 


Memorable Moments

Insuring that the spectator doesn't miss the key turn of the race, or the last minute buzzer beater before halftime simply because they ran to get their son or daughter a drink in the concourse is essential to creating a fan experience worth coming back for. LED displays throughout the concourse or even in bathrooms can provide the fan experience lift that teams are looking for.  


Unforgetable Fan Experiences

LED allows for even simple content to be consumed in an experiential way. Concourses can become beautiful digitized backdrops of immersive team colors or even provide opportunities for gamification. These attributes create that hook to drive fans back to the arena or stadium rather than watching on T.V. 


Indoor & Outdoor Uses

The uses for in-stadium LED are nearly limitless. From outdoor signage, to advertising spaces, to LED brand experiences inside the arena. The ability to customize shapes & sizes for indoor and outdoor use makes LED the solution of choice. 

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