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About Us

Why We Started

We have always been passionate about technology in all its variety.  We know.  We've been around for a long time working with a range of tech as manufacturers, creators, and integrators.  Because of that curiosity, we uncommonly are on an active quest to discover and learn.  This has taken us around the world becoming experts on doing business in places like China to identifying and sourcing partners and content creators near and far.

We find LED especially fascinating.  There is truly something special about LED in all its varieties and it is our passion.  From our first constructed video walls to our most recent massive displays, properly selected display LED technology has the ability to transform a story through beautifully designed and well-orchestrated content.  We have designed and deployed thousands of panels and trillions of pixels. 


We are on a quest to manufacture, source, engineer, install and maintain LED solutions for commercial applications working with and for the best of the best.  Will you join us? 

Our Approach

We believe in sharing our understanding of technology and it’s successful utilization. The way we do that is by demystifying and demonstrating the application of technology making it easy to understand, easy to install and easy to support. We sell large-format video display services.

K-WAV Service Standards

Our Service Standards

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Doug Wack, CEO and Founder of K-WAV
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Meet The Team

Go, adventure, learn and adapt. If you are out there finding solutions and writing your story, there is no time to feel insecure or fear the unknown you just focus on what's in front of you and do what needs doing. 


I got married, started my first company, bought my first house, and had kids in China, a country that is about as foreign as you can get for a country boy from Ohio. 


There would have been a pilot's license in the China mix as well but that had to wait until I got back to the US. I love flying and all things aviation but that's a whole other story. I spend as much time as possible flying airplanes and learning about flying airplanes. 


From tech start-ups to China sales, supply chain management and back to LED video walls, it’s always been about helping people solve problems for me. That’s why it’s never an imposition to learn a new skill or a new industry along the way if it helps me to help my friends, clients, and coworkers. 


Over the years, I’ve sold capital equipment for a US technology manufacturer into China’s booming electronics manufacturing industry, developed consumer products in China and ramped them up into mass production managing hundreds of Chinese suppliers, learned Chinese along the way at Suzhou University, then came back to the US and negotiated a distribution agreement with one the largest LED video manufactures in the world. It’s been tons of work but always fun. 


We can talk sales, business, China, design, or operations, even combinations of two or more these if that interests you. If you even remotely want to learn about LED video for your company or you just want to chat about adventures in China, please reach out. 

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