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AVE Line

The AVE Line is the perfect indoor fixed LED solution. It's high definition, light weight, features seamless joints, a wide viewing angle, high refresh rate and even quicker installation & maintenance than most LEDs in its class. It features a high contrast corrugated light absorbing mask to achieve the perfect picture. If you're looking to get creative & truly create an immersive LED retail experience, the AVE line is perfect for your project. 


Full Front Access=Easy Maintenance 

Not to mention hot swapping & wireless connection.

The hardware connection between the modules and the cabinet is more stable than our competitors. Our aluminum cabinet has better heat dissipation performance as well. All around the AVE line is a low maintenance masterpiece. 

front service.png

So Many Install Options 

From hanging, to mounting and availability in a variety of shapes, the AVE Series fits a plethora of project types. With a 160° wide angle viewing, you'll receive the perfect presentation of images from every angle, every time. The AVE Series is perfect for the retail experiences that require customized shapes and sizes to execute properly. 

Superior Modules & Cabinet

The modules and cabinet in our AVE line of LED are captured by multiple magnetic columns which provide a firm, durable, and ultra-protective enclosure. Superior protection to the power supply and Hub are essential to LED longevity. The backside is also neat without cables and connections between cabinets. 

Lightweight & An Installers Dream

With a cabinet weight of 2.9kg/4.5kg/ or 5.8kg depending on size, the cabinet is lighter and slimmer than the competition. It reduces transportation cost and installation labor cost due to its was of installation. We've even overheard some install teams say it's as light as a feather. 

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