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Liantronics VF Series


  • 16:9 golden ratio spacing panels can be assembled into the standard display ratio to perfectly match mainstream video sources.

  • The 27.5” diagonal standard size enables VF to substitute any existing LCD screen directly.

  • VF can precisely match the mainstream standard video sources and avoid image distortion caused by image stretching.

  • Supports flexible and versatile install methods for convenient installation.

VF Series.jpg

One With The Wall

The 39mm thick cabinet is only half the thickness of conventional cabinets. The total wall mounting thickness is only 64mm and saves more than 90% installation space. The light weight, 6.7kg (32kg/m2) design is 25% lighter which mitigates load-bearing concerns.

Interlocking Structure

The interlocking structure design adopted by the VF series not only guarantees precision, but also cuts down the installation steps. 

Complete Front Maintenance

Components like modules, power supply, and system cards can be maintained from the front without rear space. Module removal takes only seconds before dealing with potential failures. 

Intelligent System and Module

The VF series supports intelligent modules to achieve comprehensive monitoring of cabinets without a monitoring card. In addition to smart data backup, one button reset, module automatic calibration, and arbitrary rotation of pictures are also incorporated.

Perfect Display Effect

160 degree super wide horizontal and vertical viewing angle covers more potential customers. The broadcasting pictures are stable with no scan line and the edge of images are sharp and clear when dealing with dynamic pictures. Liantronics AC-DC and DC-DC power schemes are both available to ensure a safe and reliable operation of the screen. No sudden shut-down will occur during use.

V-Smooth Technology

Liantronics was the first Chinese LED manufacturer to own CNC machine lines. Therefore each aluminum die-cast cabinet is precisely machined to ensure consistency and repeatability approaching six sigma level quality.

Safe Operation

The double backup ensures a stable broadcasting signal and is guaranteed to engage when failure happens and anti-hacking encryption cuts off malicious signals. 

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