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Integrity Series

Integrity Series is a 16:9 aspect ratio that can be widely used in various applications. Scalable to 720P, 1080P, 2160P, 3840P high-definition, ultra-high definition, 4K and beyond.


Exquisite Panel Design

Integrity Series provides a professional LED video wall solution featuring a customer-friendly design with a slim standard 27 inch diagonal panel size resulting in a truly seamless video wall tailored to fit any desired size.


Data and Power Backup

With dual power supplies in each panel the Integrity  Series has redundant DC power. If one power supply fails, the other ensures continued operation. Two receive cards in each panel provide continued signal should one receive card fail. The two cards working synchronously provide redundant functionality.

Easy to Maintain

The hub board and power supply are simply removed by first removing the two modules that are covering and connected to them.

Full Front Access

Simply front access provided a completely front maintenance LED panel using an electric vacuum pressure tool. A module can be safely removed for access in a matter of seconds.


Integrity Series

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