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LED Expertise
at Your Service

K-Wav draws upon decades of experience in delivering customizable LED solutions to Pro AV dealers, architects and designers enhancing their customer's experience. Let's talk about how we can do the same for your customers.

We believe in sharing our understanding of technology and its successful utilization. The way we do that is by demystifying and demonstrating the application of technology making it easy to understand, easy to install and easy to support. We sell large-format video display services. 

Our Services


Have you ever needed technical expertise for a project but weren't quite ready to commit to a full time hire? We can help.

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Professional LED installation services. We are your sub-contractor for all types of installs. 

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For LED video to look it's best, it needs calibration for consistent color fields, brightness and white balance

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From creative ideas to technical solutions, we offer design services for every stage of design.

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An HD LED screen has millions of solder joints. Chances are a few will need repaired or replaced.

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If you buy LED from us, you can rest assured we maintain and manage a complete inventory of parts to service our LED.

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Packages to manage your day-two service needs. Hire us to provide white glove support to your clients. 

Step Inside

Experts in the industry, K-WAV has the LED to meet your needs and can provide design consultation, installation support & labor as well as managed services, parts & repair and system calibration.

Here at K-WAV we pride ourselves in bringing great products to the av integration market that are customizable, install-ready and easy to use.

Take your installation to the next level in service, experience and quality.


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