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ATX Series

The ATX Series first and foremost features stunning visuals. Its ultra-wide color gamut promotes stunning color that is easy on the eyes. Multi-angle viewing provides viewers an unparalleled experience.


Automotive Grade Connectors

Safety, stability, and efficiency are on display with connectors that are easy to use and durable through nearly anything you can throw at them. Our fully adjustable connectors reduce the gaps between modules. Flatness, efficiency, and durability are all improved by the materials we use on our connectors. 


Plenty of Pixel Pitch + Simplicity

With pixel pitch options from 1.5mm to 3.75mm there truly is an option to meet the needs of any LED project. The ATX line also features a structure engineered for installation; complete with; receiving card + hub board + power supply & adjustable connector making it simple to install and maintain.

Designed for Retail

The larger panel size creates a faster, and more streamlined installation process. Our value engineering  creates the perfect blend of performance and reliability. This LED technology is perfect for retail experiences that need a quick turnaround to market. 

A Variety of Display Functions

QCOB technology enables nano-coating thickness & high surface consistency, and also provides increased protection. This makes ATX LED perfect for a variety of applications from retail to command centers and even curved applications like staging, broadcasting, and digital exhibitions.  


ATX Series

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