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K-WAV's Repair Philosophy

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

K-WAV Service and Repair

With all the information available out there regarding the disappointing experiences that dealers have had with Chinese vendors it can be downright freighting to consider installing products from the dizzying array of suppliers that are slamming your social media and e-mail feeds with promises of rock bottom pricing.

At no stage is that fear more prescient than when if comes to the after sales service function of repair of products both damaged and defective. There are an endless number of suppliers, almost all of which can now make a decent quality image on a demo screen or new installation. The question really becomes, will that image quality and the underlying parts still be producing that level of quality after one, two or three years.

Even if the LED video screen makes it past install defect free, what happens with repairs are needed. The answer with the vast majority of suppliers is ship the part back to us in China for assessment and repair. The problems with this are myriad but the not least of them is time. You don't have the time to ship your parts back to China for weeks or months, period.

Our philosophy is to be the repair and parts depot that you need right here in the US and we have the experience and knowledge to back that up. We keep spare parts for all LED products we sell on a per project basis. That right PER PROJECT. If we need to replace a single LED lamp, we will do so from the same batch of LEDs that came with your original project.

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