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Make Your Boardroom Less Boring With LED

Updated: Jan 5, 2023

Conference room LED wall

Whether you have a traditional boardroom, a casual arrangement of bean bags, or something in between, a few elements are always the same. First, the board is comprised of busy people who value their time. Because of this, scheduling and re-scheduling can be a real challenge. Lastly, the information that is being presented is mission critical to the company’s future and needs to be clearly communicated.

Doesn’t it stand to reason that you would want the best possible AV solution to present that critical information to those busy people? It needs to be reliable, visible, and clear from anywhere in the room.

LED delivers with large a format and spectacular color, contrast, and brightness.

Some challenges in your boardroom are:

  • Must dim lights/close curtains

  • Technology doesn’t blend in well in the room

  • Bezels break up content

  • Some technologies lack the contrast to present crisp text

Without any hesitation, we can assert that you have a vested interest in assuring that exchanges with your company's most trusted group of advisors go well. These meetings, after all, set the course of the company and determine a wide range of policies with deep-reaching implications. Yes, a better boardroom is better for everyone.

Here is why LED is the ideal canvas for your boardroom:

  • High contrast/Easier to read

  • Brightness

  • Vivid color

  • Lively PowerPoint/Keynote presentations

  • No bezels

The price point and resolution of LED have reached the point that this once outdoor technology belongs in the boardroom. But don’t just take my word for it. It’s a trend that’s popping up all across the country.

What’s really cool is that in addition to all of the above benefits, you can also get creative with it and make your boardroom look like the bridge of a starship or a rock concert — the possibilities are endless. Have fun turning your boardroom into an exciting room!

If you would like to talk about how to use LED in your space, please reach out to me via LinkedIn. The original article was published here.

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