Using LED In Activations: Why It's Effective

When we talk about creating experiences, it's important to first define where the experience comes from. At Bluewater, it lives at the intersection of content, space, and technology. Simply stated it is the unique combination of these elements that create an experience.

Often these experiences are called activations, where the goal is to activate a space. Let's dive into what that means.

It means engaging the audience by using the space in conjunction with the technology and content. In this context, the technology really becomes the canvas and when optimally executed fades into the background.

Here are a few of the challenges:

  • Inability to capture attention

  • Ineffective use of technology

  • Lack of interactivity

  • Failure develop a creative design

  • Lack of dynamic content

  • Less than optimal ambient lighting conditions

Overcoming these challenges is crucial because we live in a sea of the same and to have a unique activation of a space really helps you stand out. Whether it’s for recruiting talent, propagating your brand, telling your story, or just making your space beautiful, being different is always welcome. As long as it's the cool kind of different.

Clients and leadership are frequently looking for a customized experience. This includes the latest technology and a strategy to keep the content and the activation looking fresh.

What makes LED a good choice of canvas for this experience:

  • The LED itself can be the art

  • Unique/dynamic form factor

  • Brightness

  • Vivid, eye-catching color

  • No bezels

With this in mind, LED can be used in almost any activation you can think of! If you're ready to start the conversation about how we can help you customize an experience, reach out!

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