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LED Video Screens

Indoor LED

The opportunities are as endless as your imagination.  Let K-Wav guide you to success in the LED installation market.  With all of the variables available in LED products it can be a real challenge to decide which how to approach dialing in all the parameters for a given application. From Nits to power, pitch to resolution our experts will guide you through the process and ensure that you are getting the right product for your application.

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Conference Room LED

Your conference room is the center of your collaborative process. It is where ideas are hatched and deals get made.  Our all-in-one display solutions will enhance  your meetings and allow for a greater visual impact.


Flexible LED

Curved LED is a flexible LED module that allows you to build curves, wrap columns, create cylinders and even cover the globe in LED by making a sphere our of modules. This product is the definition of tailored, bespoke or custom depending design vocabulary. The modules are not only flexible but magnetic so they can be arranged into complex shapes included compound curves by creating a metal substructure to mount the modules. 


Transparent LED (Coming Soon)

Transparent LED, also know as Glass LED, is really a clever mechanical design that uses space between the mechanical structure to allow light to pass through the LED panel creating see-through window treatments that seem to provide translucent floating content with the screen is active but magically disappear with the LED screen is off. This discreet product allows for the synthesis of our technology into the heart of your imagination and design. From retail applications to architectural treatments that illuminate an entire building with vibrant content, these transparent LED panels are beautiful and flexible in their design application.  

Outdoor LED (Coming Soon)

Video displays for outdoor applications. From billboards to baseball stadiums, we can help you design, install and service your porjects that requrie outdoor LED video. 

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